Introduction to B. Pharm Program

Pharmacy is a successful career option for aspiring candidates having a special set of interests in the medical field. Unlike becoming a doctor, getting into the relevant field of Pharmacy is equally successful in providing your efforts in improving the overall healthcare system. Bachelor of Pharmacy or B. Pharm is an undergraduate course available at our leading and top-notch Pharmacy college in Greater Noida. And inviting aspiring students to acquire quality education from the specialist faculty.

Program Overview

Bachelor of Pharmacy or B. Pharm is a 4-year undergraduate program offered by Mangalmay Pharmacy College which is affiliated with AKTU. We offer this undergraduate course for science-driven having a special passion to become futuristic and successful Pharmcists ahead. It is a growth-oriented graduation course available for science students to study a variety of topics related to Pharmceutical domains. The undergraduate program offers a wide range of skills to students while learning deep insights into drugs & medicines, industrial Pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, and more. Get to know the complete B. Pharmacy course details here to get admission in 2022 and an opportunity to learn from the industry experts.

B.Pharmacy Course Duration

This undergraduate program of Bachelor in Pharmacy has of fixed duration of four years. In this 4-year of Pharmacy-related study, aspiring learnings have to pursue a total of eight semesters that comprise different subjects.

B. Pharmacy Admission 2022 Process

Getting admission at our leading B.Pharm college in Noida, students have to follow an easy and streamlined process without facing any hassle. All you have to do is fill up an online application form for the B.Pharmacy course with the relevant personal and academic details. Pay the admission fee along with supplying with the eligibility conditions.

In terms of the B. Pharm Eligibility criteria, it is essential for students to meet the following few preconditions.

  • You must be 12th passed from a recognized school.
  • You must have studied science subjects till your class 12th.
  • You must be having Biology subject till the end of your school academic session.
  • You must have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in class 12th.
  • You have to showcase the required entrance exam score to get admission.

Based on the conditions and previous academic records of students, there is an additional facility B.Pharmacy direct admission at our B.Pharm college in Delhi NCR region without facing any hassle.

Also, check B.Pharm's last date of admission at Mangalmay Institutions and go for a particular choice of admission process matching your criteria.

Placement at Mangalmay Institutions

The placement cell at Mangalmay Institution is specifically set up to help aspiring students find relevant employment opportunities after completing the B.Pharmacy course. This particular cell invites a number of leading enterprises that offer high-scale and good-paying employment opportunities to deserving candidates. You have a chance to land up at the preferred choice organizational place, attain a particular professional position, and earn a handsome deal of amount.

Career Opportunities after B.Pharm

There are various career opportunities after B.Pharmacy undergraduate course. Students will find the benefit of innumerable choices available in shaping the successful career ahead. With the increasing demand for experienced and knowledge-driven Pharmcists, you can become the one while helping people to get the right medicine at the right time. You can also become the manufacturing figure in the Pharmacy domain as per your requirements. On the other side, pursue higher studies of Master of Pharmacy to further enrich your knowledge spectrum.

B. Pharm. First Year (1st Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP101THuman Anatomy and Physiology– TheoryTheory
2BP102TPharmaceutical Analysis I - TheoryTheory
3BP103TPharmaceutics I – TheoryTheory
4BP104TPharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry– TheoryTheory
5BP105TCommunication Skills – TheoryTheory
6BP106RBT Remedial Mathematics – TheoryTheory
7BP106RMTRemedial Biology – TheoryTheory
8BP107PHuman Anatomy and Physiology – PracticalPractical
9BP108PPharmaceutical Analysis I – PracticalPractical
10BP109PPharmaceutics I – PracticalPractical
11BP110PPharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry– PracticalPractical
12BP111PCommunication Skills – PracticalPractical
13BP112RBPRemedial Biology– PracticalPractical

B. Pharm. First Year (2nd Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP201THuman Anatomy and Physiology II – TheoryTheory
2BP202TPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – TheoryTheory
3BP203TBiochemistry – TheoryTheory
4BP204TPathophysiology – TheoryTheory
5BP205TComputer Applications in Pharmacy – TheoryTheory
6BP206TEnvironmental Sciences – TheoryTheory
7BP207PHuman Anatomy and Physiology II – PracticalPractical
8BP208PPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – PracticalPractical
9BP209PBiochemistry – PracticalPractical
10BP210PComputer Applications in Pharmacy – PracticalPractical

B. Pharm. First Year (3rd Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP301TPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – TheoryTheory
2BP302TPhysical Pharmaceutics I – TheoryTheory
3BP303TPharmaceutical Microbiology – TheoryTheory
4BP304TPharmaceutical Engineering – TheoryTheory
5BP305PPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – PracticalPractical
6BP306PPhysical Pharmaceutics I – PracticalPractical
7BP307PPharmaceutical Microbiology – PracticalPractical
8BP308PPharmaceutical Engineering –PracticalPractical
9KVE301Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics**Theory

B. Pharm. First Year (4th Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP401TPharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III – TheoryTheory
2BP402TMedicinal Chemistry I – TheoryTheory
3BP403TPhysical Pharmaceutics II – TheoryTheory
4BP404TPharmacology I – TheoryTheory
5BP405TPharmacognosy I – TheoryTheory
6BP406PMedicinal Chemistry I – PracticalPractical
7BP407P Physical Pharmaceutics II – PracticalPractical
8BP408P Pharmacology I – PracticalPractical
9BP409P Pharmacognosy I – PracticalPractical

B. Pharm. First Year (5th Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP501TMedicinal Chemistry II – TheoryTheory
2BP502TIndustrial Pharmacy I – TheoryTheory
3BP503TPharmacology II – TheoryTheory
4BP504TPharmacognosy and PhytochemistryTheory
5BP505TPharmaceutical Jurisprudence – TheoryTheory
6BP506PIndustrial Pharmacy I– PracticalPractical
7BP507PPharmacology II – PracticalPractical
8BP508PPharmacognosy and Phytochemistry II – PracticalPractical
9BP509PReport on Hospital Training-I

B. Pharm. First Year (6th Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP601TMedicinal Chemistry III – TheoryTheory
2BP602TPharmacology III – TheoryTheory
3BP603THerbal Drug Technology – TheoryTheory
4BP604TBiopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – TheoryTheory
5BP605TPharmaceutical Biotechnology– TheoryTheory
6BP606TQuality Assurance– TheoryTheory
7BP607PMedicinal Chemistry III – PracticalPractical
8BP608PPharmacology III – PracticalPractical
9BP609PHerbal Drug Technology – PracticalPractical
10BP610PReport on Industrial TrainingPractical

B. Pharm. First Year (7th Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP701TInstrumental Methods of Analysis – TheoryTheory
2BP702TIndustrial Pharmacy II – TheoryTheory
3BP703TPharmacy Practice – TheoryTheory
4BP704TNovel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) – TheoryTheory
5BP705PInstrumental Methods of Analysis/ NDDS – PracticalPractical
6BP706PS Practice SchoolPractical
7BP707P Report on Hospital Training-IIPractical

B. Pharm. First Year (8th Semester):

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1BP801TBiostatistics and Research MethodologyTheory
2BP802TSocial and Preventive PharmacyTheory
3BP803ETPharma Marketing Management*Elective Theory
4BP804ETPharmaceutical Regulatory Science*
6BP806ETQuality Control and Standardization of Herbal*
7BP807ETComputer Aided Drug Design*
8BP808ETCell and Molecular Biology*
9BP809ETCosmetic Science*
10BP810ETPharmacological Screening Methods*
11BP811ETAdvanced Instrumentation Techniques*
12BP812ETDietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals*
13BP813ETPharmaceutical Product Development*
14BP814ETLSSSDC Elective*
15BP815PWProject Work (On Elective)Practical
16BP816PReport on Industrial Tour

*(ET: Elective subject) Every candidate has to opt for two of the elective subjects, and has to carry out project on any one of them. The student has the choice to choose both the elective subjects from the already prescribed list of elective subjects by the PCI or choose one elective subject from the existing prescribed list of elective subjects of B. Pharm. programme by the PCI and the other (second subject) elective from list of skill pack/modules available with the LSSSDC from time to time.