The campus of the institute is well developed with modern amenities. Students can pursue their studies, conduct research work, and engage in a range of extra-curricular activities in the quiet and conducive environment of campus.

The classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated, and equipped with projector to provide a comfortable learning environment for students. All the basic amenities such as electricity, internet access, power backup, and drinking water, are available.

The academic block of Pharmacy College has the fully developed Infrastructure representing spacious lecture halls, tutorial rooms, administrative office, seminar hall, library, computer lab and other pharmaceutical laboratories.


DiplomaMangalmay Pharmacy College has set up well equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities which provide live hands on experience to the students.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory

Pharmaceutics laboratories are used to study the scientific and technological aspects of the design and manufacture of different dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, parenteral, ointments, creams, eye drops, syrups etc. The students also learn about various aspects of filling, sealing, labeling and packaging of different dosage forms. These laboratories are equipped with instruments like stability chamber, Hot air ovens, Mechanical Shaker, Orbital shaker, thermostatically controlled water bath, vacuum desiccators, Tablet Hardness tester, tablet disintegrator, friability tester, dissolution test apparatus, etc. to make the learning process effective and efficient.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory

Pharmaceutical Chemistry laboratories help students to learn and understand about the synthesis, identification and purification of chemical compounds viz. inorganic, organic, biochemical and medicinal compounds. Each chemistry laboratory is equipped with modern instruments to give hands on experience to the students.

Pharmacology Laboratory

Pharmacology laboratories are well equipped with latest equipments like student organ bath assemblies and rotating drums to carry out experiments on isolated tissues. Other instruments like Rotarod, Actophotometer, Electro-Convulsometer, Plethysmograph, etc. are also available in the laboratories for all types of pharmacological screenings and evaluations. Computer based simulations and softwares (Ex-Pharm) are also available for the demonstration of pharmacology experiments to the students. Human anatomy laboratory holds a large collection of anatomical charts, models, specimens and bones.

Pharmacognosy Laboratory

Pharmacognosy laboratories are well equipped with simple, compound, Binocular & Projection Microscope and stage & eye-piece micrometer for the study of morphological and microscopical characters of crude drugs/plant drugs. The laboratories are also equipped with Clevenger apparatus and soxhlet apparatus to study the extraction and isolation of crude drugs. This laboratory is well equipped and suitable for various pharmacognostical studies by which students can acquire skills to study morphological and microscopical characters of natural drugs. Standardization of herbal drugs which is the major task in the present scenario is also carried out by the students in this laboratory as their project work for the qualitative & quantitative evaluation of phytomedicine.

Central Instrumentation Facility

The Central Instrumentation Facility Lab is well developed and equipped with latest instruments like Spectrophotometers, Potentiometer, Conductivity Meter, Refrigerated Centrifuge and Digital Rheometer etc. These instruments are utilized for characterization of both isolated and synthesized compounds. 

Machine Room

The Machine Room is equipped with modern equipments and machines used for pilot scale project, formulation and development studies of tablets, capsules, liquids, ointment sections etc. It provides a window for basic formulation training to young and aspiring pharmacists.

Class Room

The classrooms are spacious and well-furnished with overhead & multimedia projector and other facilities to provide a conducive teaching-learning environment for students.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer Laboratory offers different software applications to support pharmaceutical education in current scenario. This lab is equipped with the following software’s Windows OS, MS office, Powerpoint, Chem Draw, Ex-Pharm (Pharmacology Interactive Animal Model). It provides hands-on-training in pharmaceutical software, drug information databases and prescription processing systems. 


The college has a spacious, well-furnished library with a seating capacity of more than 60. Unique features are-

  • More than 2700 Text books
  • More than 500 Reference books including Indian Pharmacopoeia (I.P.) 2022, National Formulary, Merck Index etc.
  • More than 20 National and International Journals
  • More than 400 e-books and more than 300 e-journals

Medicinal Herbal Garden

The main purpose of the garden is to facilitate the experimental work i.e. morphological and microscopical studies of medicinal plants. This helps the students to see and learn about the plants in their natural habitat. This provides plants material for conducting the experiments/practicals of pharmacy students.

Seminar Hall

The college has 150-Seater air-conditioned seminar hall is utilized as a venue for formal meetings, Guest lectures, discussions and brain storming sessions.


Institute owns a Hi-Tech auditorium equipped with audio-visual aids, wi-fi and multistage facility. The 350-Seater auditorium is utilized for conducting Seminars, Quality Improvement Programs, National and International Conferences, cultural events, pharma fest activities and other events.

First Aid Room

The College has a first aid room with ample primary medication facility which includes patient bed and sufficient medicines. Emergency medical conditions are referred to hospital.


The College has in-campus separate hostel facility for Boys and Girls. Our hostels are well furnished with mess, hygienic food preparation, water cooler & water purifier, recreational facilities and other facilities. Ragging in any form is prohibited in hostel as well as in campus. Any student indulged in such activity would be suspended and FIR will be filed against him/her.


It is the favourite hunt of students. The cafeteria provides fresh and hygienic snack items, vegetarian meals, soft-drinks etc.


The transport facility is provided for 'to and fro' movement at nominal cost. The college is situated near Expo Mart & thus well connected by means of public transport also.

The transport facility is provided for 'to and fro' movement at nominal cost. The college is situated near Expo Mart & thus well connected by means of public transport also.

Sports Facility

“If you keep playing leads to healthy & performing”
The campus has sports facilities to keep students engaged and physically fit. Participation in any sport build up team spirit, excellence, skill development, discipline, determination, will power, etc.

Wi-Fi Campus

Beside the computer labs campus is Wi-Fi enabled to provide 24x7 internet connectivity. Such a facility helps in improving teaching as well as learning environment. Having access to Internet 24x7 enables students to complete assignments and be prepared for lectures- essential features of best business schools and best engineering colleges in India.