Introduction to D. Pharm Program

Pharm or the diploma in Pharmacy is a 2-year diploma program specifically formulated for aspiring candidates having the interest to make a career in the Pharmceutical industry. This diploma-level D Pharm course allows students who are interested in the science field and want to make a promising professional career in the medical sector, preferably in the Pharmceutical segment. It is an entry-level program for science background students who can swiftly get admission at this leading Mangalmay Pharmacy college and study under the leadership of experienced faculty.

Program Overview

Diploma in Pharmacy is one of the successful, result-oriented, and skill-based programs available for students who have a science background during school time. This particular D Pharm course duration is of two years and our industry-level teachers and other faculty members impart theoretical and practical level knowledge to all the students. Being an AKTU-affiliated college, we are one of the leading D Pharm colleges in the Greater Noida area while inviting interested students from all across India. By pursuing this diploma program in the Pharmacy domain, students will have innumerable opportunities to learn further and work at any of the community hospitals, community Pharmcies, or any other Pharmceutical-related industry.

D.Pharm Course Duration

As already mentioned, the D Pharm course duration of 2 years in which students will get an opportunity to learn full-time under state-of-the-art classroom infrastructure at Mangalmay Pharmacy college. During the two years of object-oriented skill enhancement, students will get to learn and study different subjects covered under the strategic D.Pharm syllabus which is mentioned below.

D. Pharm Admission Process

Getting yourself enrolled for this diploma program in Pharmacy at our success-oriented D. Pharm college in Greater Noida is no longer such a hassle. Students need to follow a simple online or offline admission process that starts with filling up the application form by using personal and academic details. Once done, pay the diploma in Pharmacy admission fees, and then meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • You must be 12th passed from a recognized school.
  • You must have studied science subjects till your class 12th.
  • You must be having Biology subject till the end of your school academic session.
  • You must have scored at least 50% aggregate marks in class 12th.
  • You have to showcase the required entrance exam score to get admission.

Based on the conditions and previous academic records of students, there is an additional facility D.Pharmacy direct admission at our D.Pharm college in Delhi NCR region without facing any hassle.

Also, check D.Pharm's last date of admission at Mangalmay Pharmacy college and go for a particular choice of admission process matching your criteria.

Career Opportunities after D.Pharm

There are distinctive and profitable career opportunities after the D.Pharm diploma program. Students will find the benefit of innumerable choices available in shaping the successful career ahead. With the increasing demand for experienced and knowledge-driven Pharmcists, you can become the one while helping people to get the right medicine at the right time. You can also become the manufacturing figure in the Pharmacy domain as per your requirements. On the other side, pursue higher studies of Master of Pharmacy to further enrich your knowledge spectrum.

Subject Names for D. Pharm. First Year:

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1ER20-11TPharmaceutics - TheoryTheory
2ER20-12TPharmaceutical chemistry – TheoryTheory
3ER20-13TPharmacognosy – TheoryTheory
4ER20-14THuman Anatomy & Physiology – TheoryTheory
5ER20-15TSocial Pharmacy – TheoryTheory
6ER20-11PPharmaceutics – PracticalPractical
7ER20-12PPharmaceutical chemistry – PracticalPractical
8ER20-13PPharmacognosy – PracticalPractical
9ER20-14PHuman Anatomy & Physiology – PracticalPractical
10ER20-15PSocial Pharmacy – PracticalPractical

Subject Names for D. Pharm. Second Year:

S. No.Subject CodeSubject NameTheory/Practical
1ER20-21TPharmacology – TheoryTheory
2ER20-22TCommunity Pharmacy & Management – TheoryTheory
3ER20-23TBiochemistry & Clinical Pathology – TheoryTheory
4ER20-24TPharmacotherapeutics – TheoryTheory
5ER20-25THospital & Clinical Pharmacy – TheoryTheory
6ER20-26TPharmacy Law & Ethics – TheoryTheory
7ER20-21PPharmacology – PracticalPractical
8ER20-22PCommunity Pharmacy & Management – PracticalPractical
9ER20-23PBiochemistry & Clinical Pathology – PracticalPractical
10ER20-24PPharmacotherapeutics – PracticalPractical
11ER20-25PHospital & Clinical Pharmacy – PracticalPractical